How to create an Input Dialog - Kotlin Android

In this tutorial am showing you how to create an input dialog in kotlin android. The dialog will have these components:

  1. Title
  2. Message/Description
  3. EditText for input
  4. Two buttons: Positive and Negative

Here is the function:

import android.content.Context
import android.widget.EditText

fun showInputDialog(context: Context, title: String, message: String, positiveButtonText: String, negativeButtonText: String,
                    positiveButtonClickListener: (String) -> Unit, negativeButtonClickListener: () -> Unit) {

    val builder = AlertDialog.Builder(context)

    // Set up the input field
    val input = EditText(context)

    // Set up the buttons
    builder.setPositiveButton(positiveButtonText) { _, _ ->
        val text = input.text.toString()
    builder.setNegativeButton(negativeButtonText) { _, _ ->

    // Create and show the AlertDialog
  1. Function Definition:
  • showInputDialog takes the following arguments:
    • context: The context of the activity.
    • title: The title of the dialog.
    • message: The message to display in the dialog.
    • positiveButtonText: The text for the positive button.
    • negativeButtonText: The text for the negative button.
    • positiveButtonClickListener: A lambda function to be executed when the positive button is clicked. It takes the input text as an argument.
    • negativeButtonClickListener: A lambda function to be executed when the negative button is clicked.
  1. AlertDialog Builder:
  • AlertDialog.Builder(context) creates an AlertDialog builder.
  1. Setting Title and Message:
  • builder.setTitle(title) sets the dialog title.
  • builder.setMessage(message) sets the dialog message.
  1. Input Field:
  • val input = EditText(context) creates an EditText view.
  • builder.setView(input) adds the EditText to the dialog layout.
  1. Buttons:
  • builder.setPositiveButton(...) sets the positive button:

    • The first argument is the button text.
    • The second argument is a listener that gets called when the button is clicked. It takes the dialog and which button was clicked (unused here).
    • Inside the listener:
    • val text = input.text.toString() gets the text from the input field.
    • positiveButtonClickListener(text) calls the provided lambda function, passing the input text.
  • builder.setNegativeButton(...) sets the negative button in a similar way, calling negativeButtonClickListener().

  1. Show Dialog:
  • creates and shows the AlertDialog.

How to Use:

// In your activity or fragment
showInputDialog(this, "Input Title", "Enter your text:", "OK", "Cancel",
    { text ->
        // Handle positive button click with the input text
        Toast.makeText(this, "You entered: $text", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()
        // Handle negative button click
        Toast.makeText(this, "Canceled", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()

This will display an input dialog with the title "Input Title", message "Enter your text:", and two buttons "OK" and "Cancel". When "OK" is clicked, the entered text will be displayed in a Toast. When "Cancel" is clicked, a "Canceled" Toast will be shown.