Top Android Libraries

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Android Example - Listen to Keyboard Enter Key

I want to show you a simple Kotlin Android Example of how to listen to keyboard key events like Enter


How to create an Input Dialog - Kotlin Android

Let's learn how to create a simple input dialog with two buttons in Kotlin Android


Top Excel Libraries for Android

Let's look at some of the best Excel libraries for Kotlin on Android and see how they can save us from pulling our hair out.


Top Android Timer Libraries

Timers are an essential feature in many Android applications, allowing developers to schedule tasks to run at specific intervals or after a certain delay.


How to show if a String is a URL Android

Here I will show you a simple Kotlin Example of how to check if a String is a URL


Top Android Terminal Libraries

Android terminal libraries are powerful tools that enable developers to interact with the command line interface (CLI) within an Android application.


Best GraphQL Libraries for Android

Let's examine the top GraphQL libraries for Kotlin Android development, shall we?


Best Android Markdown Libraries

Here are some of the best Markdown libraries for Kotlin Android


Top Android WiFi Libraries - 2024

WiFi is an essential feature in many Android applications, enabling connectivity to wireless networks for various purposes.


Best WebView Libraries for Kotlin Android Development

We look into some of the best WebView libraries available and see how they can make your life easier.